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The SES Environmental Initiative

By working to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables grown we aim  to also offset indirect carbon usage by reducing as many food miles as possible and by encouraging organic growing.


With more fresh organic fruit and vegetables grown the amount of carbon produced creating processed foods and fertilisers can also be reduced.


Land that produces vegeatables is up to 6 times as productive as land that produces livestock, encouraging further carbon emmission reductions.


We hope that by encouraging children to produce, eat and understand their food we can make a small contribution not only to the environment, but to the health of future generations.


It is our firm belief that all firms should try to act as ethically as possible and to return as much as practicable to the local communities.

The SES (Sow Extra Seeds) Environmental Initiative is aiming to reduce our carbon footprint to the point not only of carbon neutrality, but to the point where we have a positive impact upon the environment.


We are currently working with gardeners, allotment holders, children and community groups to provide both financial support and sponsorship, as well as free seeds and equipment.


Our aim is to eventually work with as many people as possible within the local communities to raise awareness and to plant as many areas as possible.

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