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Ecology and the Environment

Our serious commitment to the environment has led to us looking into many aspects of ecology and environmental initiatives for our company.


The SES Environmental Initiative is working with local gardeners, allotment holders, children and local community groups to encourage the growth of additional plants in an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint.


Our eventual aim is to become not only a carbon neutral company, but hopefully to offset our emmissions to the point where we become a company with a positive impact on the environment.


Energy efficiency is at the forefront of all our processes and we aim to use recycleable and recycled materials wherever practicable.

At Sanders Electrical Services Ltd. we have a serious commitment to ecology and the environment.  Not only are ecology, environmental impact and energy efficiency at the forefront of all our design, consultancy and engineering works, but we are also trying out new initiatives to limit our environmental impact.


We are currently developing several processes and services with the assistance of the Carbon Trust which we hope will enable us to improve the ecology of both ourselves and our clients.



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